Generating Binary Ninja Dash Docset

- (1 min read)

The default method to generate Dash docsets for Binary Ninja does not work with a personal license as it requires the ability to run Binary Ninja in headless mode, a capability only available with the commercial license.

Luckily, Binary Ninja ships the API documentation as HTML files found at $BINARY_NINJA_INSTALL_PATH/Contents/Resources/api-docs which can be easily converted to Dash docsets with doc2dash.

cp -r /Applications/Binary\ /tmp
echo ".wy-nav-side {display: none;}.wy-nav-content-wrap {margin-left: 0;}" >> /tmp/api-docs/_static/css/theme.css
doc2dash \
    --destination ~/Documents/Dash\ Docsets \
    --name "Binary Ninja" \
    --icon ~/Documents/Dash\ Docsets/binja-icon-180x180.png \
rm -rf /tmp/api-docs

The icon image was grabbed from the Binary Ninja website.