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2019-04-17: Notes on compiling the Android Kernel for AVD

2019-04-12: CVE-2018-11793: Apache Mesos Denial of Service Vulnerability

2018-12-31: Experiments with Frida and WebAssembly

2018-12-24: Container Runtimes

2018-10-30: DrCov File Format

2018-09-26: CVE-2018-8023: Timing attack on the JWT implementation of Apache Mesos

2018-09-07: Using a non-system glibc

2018-08-28: What is Token Binding?

2018-06-26: Deconstructing Kony (7) Android Applications

2018-06-03: Protostar Walkthrough - Heap

2018-05-27: Protostar Walkthrough - Format Strings

2018-05-22: Protostar Walkthrough - Stack

2018-05-18: CVE-2018-8015: Denial of Service in Apache ORC

2018-03-08: CVE-2018-7889: Code execution when importing bookmarks into an Ebook

2018-02-12: Unauthenticated JSON-RPC API allows takeover of CryptoNote RPC wallets

2018-01-01: Nebula Walkthrough

2017-08-26: A DNSSEC Primer

2016-09-01: An interesting crypto vulnerability

2015-08-23: A faster PBKDF2 for Python

2014-12-29: Introducing python-aead

2014-09-28: Look before you pip

2014-08-02: Using a single password for Authentication and Encryption